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Psychology AS Revision Module 1
Multi-store model (Atkinson and Shiffrin 1968)
· Involves several stores which information flows through
· Sensual organs detect information and it gets processed into the sensory memory
· If attention is paid to the information, it gets stored in the short term memory
· Only if information is rehearsed will it enter the long term memory
· If not paid attention to or rehearsed then information is lost due to decay or
Sensory Memory
· Duration: ¼ to ½ second
· Capacity: all sensory experience (v. larger capacity)
· Encoding: sense specific (e.g. different stores for each sense)
Short Term Memory
· Duration: 0-18 seconds
· Capacity: 7 +/- 2 items
· Encoding: mainly auditory
Long Term Memory
· Duration: Potentially unlimited
· Capacity: Potentially unlimited
· Encoding: Mainly Semantic (but can be visual and auditory)
· Too simplistic
· Rehearsal not the only means of transferring information from STM to LTM
· Focuses on some points much more than others
· Distinguishes between capacity, duration and encoding of stores
· It has influenced researches to look at memory in much more detail


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