multi store memory model

studies showing the characteristics of the milti store memory model

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Name Area of Procedure Findings Conclusio Evaluation
study n
STM (Serial recall task, lab exp.) · Average STM was STM + Less extraneous
Capacity · Presented p's with 7±2. capacity variables.
Jacobs sequences. · Numbers (9.3) limited. - Lacks ecological validity.
(1889) · Started with 3 items, +1 recalled better than - Order effects (due to
until p's made mistakes. letters (7.3). repeats).
· Capacity less when - Low mundane realism.
STM (24 psych students, lab exp.) P's recalled 80% at Info decays + Less extraneous
Duration · Presented p's with trigrams. 3secs. >10% at rapidly from variables.
Peterson · Delayed recall for different 18secs. STM when + No p variables.
+ periods by asking p's to rehearsal - Possible info loss due to
Peterson count backwards in 3s. prevented. capacity.
(1959) - Order effects.
- Low in mundane
STM · P's shown random P's found it harder to Items stored - Brandimonte et al found
Encodin sequence of consonants recall acoustically acoustically visual coding in STM.
Conrad g quickly. similar letters. (even when - Low mundane realism.
· 1 sequence acoustically presented
similar, 1 dissimilar. visually).
· P's asked to write sequence
in order.
LTM (400 ex-students 17-74, Field · P's left school within Info in LTM + High ecological validity.
Duration exp.) 15yrs named 60%. can decay - Extraneous variables.
Bahrick et · Asked p's to name as many Accurate 90% with over time.
al. (1975) classmates as they could. photos.
· Given photos and asked to · P's left school 48yrs
recall name. ago named 30%. 60%
accurate with photos.
LTM · P's presented with list of P's made more LTM - Acoustic & semantic
Encodin words. mistakes with encodes aren't the only types of
Baddeley g semantically similar mainly coding.
(1966) words. semantically - Low mundane realism.

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Groups had 10 words ­ - P variables.
semantically / acoustically
similar / dissimilar.
· Recalled by p's after 20
mins.…read more


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