Much Ado literature essay: Do you agree that Shakespeare presents Beatrice as offending societies expectations of women?

Much Ado about Nothing essay analysing Shakespeare's presentation of Beatrice and  how it would have been perceived by the contemporary audience

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Do you agree that Shakespeare presents the character of Beatrice as
`offending against society's expectations of women?

In this essay I will be speaking about the presentation of Beatrice, and how this
presentation opposes or conforms to the conventions of women in the Elizabethan
era. I will begin the essay…

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farewell to `pride and scorn'. Also in this scene, she begins to be quite evasive about
her love for Benedick, `I loved nothing so well as you, but believe me not, and yet I lie
not; I confess nothing, nor I deny nothing.'. It's almost as if Claudio disgracing Hero…

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to her word.

This suspicion was confirmed in act 4 scene 1. Her rage, acerbity and violent threats
towards Claudio, a man of high standing, would have thought to be completely
unacceptable. Women were to accept what men said, and take every accusation they
made to be solid truth. Instead…


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