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Who are The Watch?
The watch are collectively known as the policemen
of Messina, a group of men under the control of
the town Constable, Dogberry. Throughout the
book we see that the watch are very polite
but not very effective at deterring crime.
Their incompetence provides the comedy
relief amongst Don John's scheming.
As far as we can work out, there are a
minimum of three policemen in the watch:
`Watchman 1' (George Seacoal), `watchman
2' (Hugh Otecake) and a `watchman' who
remains nameless.…read more

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What the watch do
In fact, the watch do very little in the way of law
enforcement. For example, when they are asked how the
men should react if someone refuses to stand in Don
Pedro's name. Dogberry replies, "Why then take no note
of him, but let him go, and presently call the rest of the
watch together, and thank God you are rid of a knave"
(III.iii.25­27). Additionally, the Watch are supposed to
order drunkards to go home and sleep their drunkenness
off, unless the drunkards don't listen, therefore in that
case the men are to ignore them. The men are not to
make too much noise in the street, but they may sleep
instead. They shouldn't catch thieves, because it isn't
good for honest men to have too much to do with
dishonest ones. Basically, they are allowed to do anything
they want and don't have to do anything at all, as long as
they are careful not to let the townspeople steal their
spears.…read more

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How they contribute to the
During their briefing with Dogberry, the
watchmen are interrupted by the entrance of
Don John's associates, Borachio and Conrad.
Borachio, who does not see the watchmen,
informs Conrad about what he had been doing
that night (having sex with Margaret in order to
slander hero and ruin the wedding) The
watchmen, who have quietly listened to this
whole secretive exchange, then reveal
themselves and arrest Borachio and Conrad
They haul them away to Dogberry and Verges
for questioning. They also then testify against
the pair in court.…read more

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First watchman- First watchman-
this man said, sir, that And that count Claudio
Don John, the prince's did mean, upon his
brother, was a villain words, to disgrace Hero
before the whole
Second watchman-
assembly. And not
Marry, that he received
marry her.
a thousand ducats of
Don John for accusing Watchman-
the lady Hero This is all.
wrongfully…read more

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In some cases, the watch's dialogue is
similar to Dogberry's. They too, use
malapropisms- they arrest Conrad and
Borachio for `lechery' rather than
`treachery'.…read more

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