Mt St Helens volcano Case study


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Case Study Location: Washington State, North West USA
Mt St Helens
Use of the
Case Study A case study of a volcanic eruption- its Rich
cause; primary and secondary effects;
positive and negative impacts;
immediate and long term responses.
Key facts
and 18th May 1980 eruption, destructive
figures: plate margin, 57 killed, 200m thick mud
flow, Toutle river blocked, Spirit Lake
filled in
Primary Pyroclastic flow- destroyed forests and ring the
Effects logging camps Case
57 killed by poisonous gas, Lahars Study
covered the area around the volcano (Picture,
Mudflow (200m thick) Phrase,
rap etc.)
Secondary -Ash blocked rivers (Toute River)
Effects destroying popular fishing sites and
caused floods.
-Spirit Lake in filled
-Crops and live stock killed
Tourism has increased, boosting the Negative Loss of life (57 killed)
local economy (3 million visitors a year) impact:
Positive Loss of infrastructure
impacts Volcano now more closely monitored
Loss of forestry and fishing
Soil fertility increased

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Immediate Helicopters search and rescue Long term Communications such as roads and
response Evacuation & exclusion zone response bridges repaired
People re-housed
Dust masks issued by the governor Forest re-planted
Example For a named volcanic eruption, describe Answer
Exam the immediate and long-term responses (Continue
Question: to the eruption. (8 marks) onto
Describe the primary and secondary Name,
effects of a volcano that you have where,
studied.…read more


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