Mt St Helens Case Study

case study on mt st helens

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Case study
Mt St Helens
· Washington USA
Date and Time of eruption-
· 18th May 1980
· 8:30 am
Description of the Eruption-
· minor earthquakes in March
· Bulge developed
· 18th may ash and steam
· landslide from bulge floods
· exploson of gas, ash and volcanic bombs (covered 25km)
· Ash erupted 20km high and carried around the world
Primary effects-
· 57 people killed
· 400m lost from the height of the mountain
· total damage bill=1 billion dollars
Secondary effects-
· fires
· rivers blocked
· no communication
· homeless people
· food shortage due to loss of crops

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Long term effects to the area (years later)-
· vegetation still has not fully returned
· total bill=1 billion dollars, to repair roads and bridges
· still erupting
Response to the disaster-
· created volcanic national park
· vegetation left to grow back naturally
· tourist attraction…read more


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