Mt. Merapi Case Study

Causes, social, economic and environmental impacts and responses

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Mt Merapi Eruption Case Study
Type of hazard Eruption
Plate Boundary Subductive
Date of event 25th October ­ 17th November
Location Java, Indonesia
Economic development LEDC
Hazards 500 volcanic earthquakes the weekend before reaching 5.6
Lava flows down the Gendoli River
Pyroclastic flows rising 6,100m and spread 3km
Social Impacts 353 killeda lull in eruptions led to people returning
577 injured
The danger zone was extended to 20km from the mountain
leading to a further 278,000 people being evacuated
350,000 evacuated
The evacuation centres were overcrowded leading to poor
sanitation and the risk of disease increased
Economic Impacts Vegetable prices increased due to the damage to crops
Farmers lost their jobs/liveloods
Loss of tourism
Environmental Impacts Sulphur dioxide was blown as far south as Australia leading
to acid rain
The ash will lead to more fertile area
Response Short Term
210 evacuation centres were set up
1,600 people were part of the national aid response
International aid was offered
The EU pledged 1.5 million, Australia $1million, USA
11 different sources of aid
Long Term
A conservation area has been set up around the area in
which it is unsafe to live
Formal evacuation centres were eventually set up in
specialist buildings as schools and government offices
were needed for official use
2,682 people had to be moved permanently
The government is making money available to farmers to
replace livestock
The government has set up a task force to assist those
Other The did not accept aid until 30th October

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