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Mt Etna, Sicily (MEDC)

Mount Etna is the highest (3,310m) and the most active volcano in Europe, with the volcanic
history stretching back over 5,000 years.
It is estimated that nearly 25% of Sicily's population live on the slopes of Mt Etna.
Mt Etna has been classified as a Decade…

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300 family businesses were affected resulting in loss of earnings for many people. Ski schools had to
close for years because of the lava and ash meaning many people had to leave the island to find
On 4th September 2007 a violent eruption from the South-East crater saw lava…


Mr A Gibson


You need an MEDC case study... and here it is. Contrasts well with this LEDC one which is a document not a .ppt so a bit of variety! Whatever board you are studying this will be very valuable.

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