Mt Etna and Chaiten Volcano Case Study Notes

Mt Etna and Chaiten Volcano Case Study Notes

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Volcanoes Presentation Notes
Mt Etna- MEDC
Mt. Etna is located on Sicily, Italy
Standing 3,323m high- which is the largest active volcano in Europe
Etna lies on the border of the Eurasian and African Plates.
This means that the volcano is built up of layers of old lava which has cooled and hardened on
top of the previous
Mount Etna is one of the most active volcanoes in the world
But many people still live on the slopes and use the land for farming as the soil is very fertile.
Eruptions date back past Half a million Years ago.
First recorded eruptions in 1500BC
Etna's most violent eruption was in 1669, which lava flows destroyed villages around its base
and submerged part of the town of Catania.
End of 1991, lava began to pour from vents on the Eastern Flank- Valle del Bove
Starts to advance towards town of Zafferana.
Large earth barrier built- tens of meters high/400m long to hold back lava flow
temporarily whilst more permanent structures were built.
By early 1992, lava had spilled over the barrier and continued down valley.
Decided to cut off flow by blocking primary channel by dropping concrete blocks into
lava tube.
May 1992- engineers blast openings into lava tube- to encourage the flow in
different direction
Flows towards Zafferana eventually stopped
Eruptions finally ended 10 months later in early 1993.

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Chaiten Volcano- Chile- LEDC
Chaitén is a located northeast of the town of Chaitén, near the Gulf of Corcovado in southern
Chile- in the Andes Mountain range.
One of 40 active volcanoes on the South American western sea board.
The caldera rim reaches 1,122 metres (3,681 ft) above sea level.
Chaitén lies on the border of the South American and Nazca plates.
Radiocarbon dating from the volcano suggests that its last previous eruption (before 2008)
was in 7420 BC.…read more


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