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Vandertramp!…read more

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Les Objectifs
· All should understand the context of Mrs
· Most should be able to identify Mrs
Vandertramp verbs.
· Some should be able to make sentences
using Mrs Vandertramp verbs.…read more

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Le Passé Composé
To form the past tense you need to use this formula:
The auxiliary verb + the past participle =
The past tense
The auxiliary verb is the part that tells you who
is speaking and it helps make up the perfect
The past participle tells you what has
For Mrs Vandertramp the auxiliary verb that we
use is Être.…read more

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The Auxiliary Verb
· Je =I Sont
· es = You (1 person) Elle
· Il = He Nous
· est = She
· Vous = You (lots of people)
· sommes = We Tu
· Ils = They
· sont = They (just girls)
Suis…read more

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The Past Participle
· Monter Monté Climbed
· Retourner Retourné Returned
· Sortir Sorti Went out
· Venir Venu Came
· Aller The past Allé The Went
· Naître tense Né meaning
· Descendre Descendu Descended
· Entrer Entré Entered
· Rentrer Rentré Went back
· Tomber Tombé Fell
· Rester Resté Stayed
· Arriver Arrivé Arrived
· Mourir That's
Mort Died
· Partir Parti Left…read more

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Dad, as it
says in Beware!
....Take care as for some verbs the endings
change, this depends on who is speaking.
For example if a girl is speaking then you add
an extra é. E.g Elle est alleé.
If you are describing a group of people then
you have to add s onto the end. E.g. Ils sont
alles.…read more




This fun presentation clearly explains the use of the Perfect tense with Être. It uses the MRSVANDERTRAMP mneumonic to help you remember which verbs fit into this category. With clear translations and explanations this is a must for GCSE candidates unsure about the Perfect Tense with Être.

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