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Mr Charles Bingley
Character Description
Who is he?
Darcy's considerably wealthy best friend and Jane Bennet's love interest.
Amiable and good tempered much like Jane
Not overly concerned with class differences
Very modest and easily persuaded by advice from his friends
Lacks serious character faults and is therefore static throughout the novel his character
and his love for Jane remain constant
His personality contrasts rather a lot with Darcy's
"Oh! She is the most beautiful creature I ever beheld!" (Chapter 3)
"Single man in possession of a good fortune" (Chapter 1)
Darcy likes the "easiness, openness, ductility" of Bingley's temper (Chapter 4)
"He was quite young, wonderfully handsome, extremely agreeable, and, to crown the whole,
he meant to be at the next assembly with a large party. Nothing could be more delightful! To be
fond of dancing was a certain step towards falling in love; and very lively hopes of Mr.
Bingley's heart were entertained." (Chapter 3)
Despite earlier on in the novel Mr Darcy persuades him not to propose to Jane, come the end, the
tables have turned and Mr Darcy persuades Bingley to propose to Jane ­ who accepts.
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