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In February 2000 there was severe rainfall in Mozambique, Africa.
Rivers started rising causing flooding in some areas of Mozambique.
A few weeks later and cyclone Eline hit bringing with her more rainfall and
more problems for the people of Mozambique.
Heavy rain still continues and swollen rivers threaten more people.
A week after the cyclone hit flash floods began to occur.
Water levels continued to rise at shocking speeds.
The River Limpopo is a flood plain that provides good farming area. Many
people live on this flood plain and other similar flood plains.
Other countries control the river flow upstream ­ they can open and close
gates letting vast quantities of water through. Mozambique is prone to
flooding, with seven major international rivers.
Mozambique is a poor vulnerable country that was not prepared for a
major flood. There was a lack of equipment so flooding prediction could not
happen. Communities were not well organised for evacuating. Although
many people had heard the warnings to evacuate, they didn't. This was
because in 1977 villagers heard similar flood warnings. They evacuated
and the very few possessions they had were stolen from their houses.…read more

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Destruction of Grassland in the high plateaus of southern
Africa which normally act to soak up rainfall and release it
slowly into the rivers. Water cannot infiltrate into ground.
Draining of the wetlands along the rivers for farming ­
these marshy areas normally store floodwaters. No-where
for water to infiltrate into ground.
Huge growth of urban areas in South Africa creating lots of
impermeable areas. Rapid Urbanisation.…read more

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Deaths 700+
Missing 50,000+
Cattle Lost 20,000
Food Aid needed for 0.5-1 million
Internally Displaced people 491,000
Crops/Tools lost 124,000 households
Schools destroyed 630
Health facilities severely damaged 42 (4 hospitals)
Worst Floods For 50 years
World Bank estimates floods cost US$275million ­ US$525million
Homeless 1 million
Disease and malnutrition in the months after the floods due to
lack of sanitation, medical supplies, clean water and food.
The few bridges and roads that were in the country were
washed away causing many social and economic problems.…read more

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The Mozambican government requested $450 million in international aid at a
donor conference held in Rome in early May, 2000.…read more


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