Mount Kelud eruption in Java

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Mount Kelud eruption in Java, Indonesia
Mount Kelud erupted on the 13th of
February, 2014.
Mount Kelud stands 1,700 meters high in
the eastern region of Java , Java is home
to more than a million people, being
Indonesia's most populous island. It is
home to about 57% of the Indonesian
Mount Kelud is part of the 130 most
explosive Pacific Ocean's `ring of fire'
active volcanoes.
The fertile volcanic soil and the shortage of
space on Java means hundreds of
thousands of people live close to active
Kelud's last major eruption was in
1990, when it spewed out searing fumes
and lava that killed more than 30 people and injured hundreds. In 1919, a powerful explosion
killed at least 5,160 people.


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