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Frederick W.
Theory of scientific management…read more

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Theory of scientific management
· The main aim of Taylor's scientific principles
was designed to reduce inefficiency of both the
workers and the managers.
· Before he began to record his findings he
observed the working conditions of workers on
the shop floor in factories.
· Taylor found that the workers were not valued
or controlled by the management; they were left
to their own devices and this caused the
workers to worked inefficiently and have
wasteful work practises which were left to
continue.…read more

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· His theory stated that the work force, were solely
motivated by money.
· Taylor believed that money motivated people to work
so to get them to work harder, the pay should be
linked to the level of productivity they produced i.e.
piece rates.
· The manager's job was simply to tell the employers
what to do and the employee's role was to do what
they were told and get paid accordingly. Taylor placed
procedures in place to ensure that both management
and workers agreed upon and resolved the conflict
(workers did what they wanted with little or no training
and managers did nothing while earning a greater
scale of pay).…read more

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· Taylors' theory doesn't take in to
account individuals differences; there
is no "best way" for everyone.
· He also overlooked the fact that
people don't all just work for financial
reward.…read more


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