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Motion along a straight
line.…read more

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Totally irrelevant but absolutely
hilarious video.
v=sn4iV8EWsns…read more

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In my presentation I will talk about scalars and
vectors which can be used to find the motion
of an object travelling in a straight line
I will also talk about units of motion and how
motion changes, what forms of motion are
applied to us all day long.…read more

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Vectors are measurements of motion where
directions are important.
Vectors are measured in:
Acceleration…read more

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Scalars are measurements of motion where
direction is not important.
Scalars are measured in:
These are all similar to their equivalent vector,
just that direction is not taken into account.…read more

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Vectors... Again...
Displacement is the change in position in respect
to the origin. It can be both positive and negative.
Velocity is the change in displacement
change in time
Acceleration is the change in velocity
change in time…read more

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