Most Significant Religious Reforms between 1529 and 1569

Table with dates, causes and significance of three main religious reforms of each monarch

Henry VIII - Act of Supremacy

- Dissolution of the Monasteries

- English Bible

Edward VI - Dissolution of the Chanteries

- First Book of Common Prayer

- Second Book of Common Prayer

Mary I - The First Statue of Repeal

- The second statue of repeal

- Restoration of old heresy laws

Elizabeth I - The Elizabethan settlement (act of supremacy and uniformity)

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Most Significant Religious Reforms between 1529 and 1569:
Date Religious Reform Under the Reign of: Causes Significance Not Significant
1534 Act of Royal Henry VIII Henry wanted Caused the Mary did
Supremacy a divorce for Break from eventually
Catherine of Rome try to
Aragon Gave the reconnect
Henry wanted monarch with Rome
a male heir more power and restore
Felt his Long lasting Papal
marriage to Opened the authority.
Catherine flood gates However,
went against for all other this was
God after religious short lived
reading a changes and quickly
passage in the reversed
Old Testament under the
saying that a reign of
man should not Elizabeth
marry his
brother's wife
Henry had been
encouraged by
Henry would
improve his
power and
money as he
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Rome, but to
himself.…read more

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The official
reason was
that they were
houses of sin,
although this
had probably
been over
exaggerated in
inspections as
he was keen to
see further
1537 English Bible Henry VIII It was another This change Mary did
was introduced step towards was bring back
Protestantism, irreversible the Latin
may have been as people Bible,
in spite against had been however
the Pope for given the people now
not granting right to understood
him his divorce.…read more

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would not
easily be
return to
1547 Dissolution of Edward VI Edward was Made it
the Chantries Protestant and even harder
so wanted to for
dissolve and Catholicism
wipe out all to return as
elements of it was an
Catholicism enhancemen
It attacked the t on the
Catholic belief dissolution
of purgatory of the
and the saying monasteries
of prayers for Gained
the dead extra
finance for
the crown
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The First Book of Edward VI Edward was It was the This was not
Common Prayer trying to first main a far enough
introduce time that move
protestant the doctrine towards
beliefs had seen Protestantis
the true m for
affect of the Edward, so
protestant he
changes. introduced
However, it the Second
was still a Book of
compromise Common
between Prayer.…read more

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The First Mary I Mary This This act was
Statute of desperately repealed all soon undone
Repeal wanted to get of the in the
rid of all of the religious Elizabethan
changes that changes settlement
had occurred in that had under the
the been passed Act of
reformation until 1547 Uniformity
and return under the as it was
England back act of Six based on the
to true Articles Edwardian
Catholicism, under Henry Second Book
however, at VIII.…read more

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The Second Mary I She wanted to This act Mary would
Statue of Repeal undo all of the undid the however,
changes that Royal never be
had occurred in Supremacy able to fully
the and restore
reformation restored the Catholicism
and return authority of as the
England back the Pope. monasteries
to true It removed had been
Catholicism all reforms dissolved.
under the that had This was
authority of been also undone
the Pope.…read more

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Restoration of Mary I Mary was The act was This was
the old heresy struggling to what led to again
laws control the her removed
devoted protestant under the
Protestants propaganda reign of
and so she inspired Elizabeth
believed that if name of the first
she burnt a `Bloody' meaning
few, the rest Mary that these
would be This showed laws were
scared off the strength not long
Mary also of the roots lasting
believed that that
she was Protestantis
cleansing the m had taken…read more

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The Elizabethan Elizabeth I Elizabeth hated This act In some
Settlement: what all of her revived ways, this
previous Henry VIII isn't as
The Act of relations had ten articles significant
Supremacy done and the It also made as some of
changes they Elizabeth the changes
had made. She supreme as it is
also hated that Governor of simply a
religion had the church combination
faced such The of old acts
violence and Elizabethan and reforms
disruption for Settlement that have
so long.…read more

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Catholics and strong.…read more


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