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Morphology…read more

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The smallest unit of language within words
train train
unfair un + fair
hunters hunt + er + s
truthfulness true + th + ful + ness…read more

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Free and Bound Morphemes
Free Morphemes ­ can stand alone
as words; structure cannot be
broken down any further
apple, train, orange, house
Bound Morphemes ­ cannot stand alone
un-, -er, -s, -th, -ful, -ness…read more

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Inflectional Affixes
Also called inflections
Always suffixes
Indicating a word is plural
Paper + s = papers
Potato + es = potatoes
Pony + ies = ponies
Indicating a word is possessive
Henry + `s = Henry's
Indicating a present tense verb is third person singular
walk + s = walks (as in she walks)
go + es = goes (as in he goes)…read more


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