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Moral Decisions…read more

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What is a Moral Decision?
· Where you have to decide what is the right or wrong
thing to do.
· For example, choosing whether to buy a Flake or a
Freddo is not a moral decisions.
· But deciding whether to spend 50p on sweets or give the
50p to charity is.…read more

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Moral Authorities
For your exam, you need to be aware of 4 different
authorities that a Christian may use to help them make a
moral decision. They are:
- Bible
- Church
- Conscience
- Situation Ethics…read more

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What would you do?
· For each of the following scenarios, write down:
o What you would do
o Why you would do it
o How you made your decision…read more

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Scenario 1
· You see a young girl steal
and old woman's
handbag. At that
moment, a car swerves
towards them both. You
only have time to save
one, who do you save and
why?…read more

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Scenario 2
· You are in a supermarket
and see a young mother
steal a loaf of bread for
her young daughter. They
are both very poor and
starving. What do you do?…read more

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