Moral Absolutes and relatives

This is a powerpoint for those who need to break down their revision!!! This is for those who do not understand moral absolutism. I have included some hyperlinks on some of the titles and those words in different colours as they go back to the glossary.

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Hayley Marjolin…read more

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moral absolutism and relativism
· Absolute and Relative Ethics
· Moral Absolutism
· Examples of Absolute theories
· Strengths and Weaknesses of Absolutism
· Moral Relativism
· Cultural Relativism diagram…read more

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Absolute and Relative Ethics
Subjectivism- Each person's values are relative to that person and so cannot be judged
Objectivism- Moral Judgements are independent of the feelings and contexts of actions are being
carried out
Deontological ­ The moral action itself has moral value (Kant for example)
Intrinsic acts- something within itself that is good or bad.
Absolute- A theory or principle that is universally binding or is true in all situations.…read more

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Moral Absolutism
· This is often identified as a deontological
· Many absolute theories are deontological
but not always the case.
· These views are that certain things are
right in themselves and are intrinsically
right or wrong.…read more

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Examples of Absolute theories
· Kant and the Categorical Imperative
· Natural Law
· Euthyphro Dilemma…read more

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Strengths and Weaknesses of
Strengths Weaknesses
Gives a fixed ethical Doesn't take into
code account circumstances
of an action
Cultures can judge on Intolerent of cultural
another's as wrong and diversity
act upon it
Provides clear and All sources of morality
absolute guidelines are open to human
interpretation.…read more

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