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Mood and Food
The line between mood and food has been supported by a breadth of psychological research.
Psychologists have provided much evidence to investigate and support the role of mood and food.
This adds scientific weighting to theoretical ideas and conclusions. If a finding is evidenced by
research it goes beyond a hypothesis and theory. We can make informed conclusions about the role
of mood and food. Research can be reviewed and interpreted and evidence used to back up the
research ideas.…read more

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It may be that the effect of
mood on food is far more powerful for women than men?
Many studies into the way mood affects eating behaviour have used subjective measurements: can
we actually operationalize mood? The use of mood rating scales may not be measuring what they
claim for be (Garg et al) ­ problems of the self-report technique. Macht and Dectmer for example
asked participants to self-report their mood Garg et al used a mood rating scale also.…read more


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