Montserrat and Eyjafjallajokull Volcano Comparison

For the LEDC MEDC volcano comparison questions

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Glacier with icecap covering the caldera of the Had been a dormant volcano but started giving
volcano- south of Iceland off warning signs in 1995- small earthquakes and
Located on Mid Atlantic Ridge- divergent Small explosions and ballistic projectiles
Erupted several times in 2010 after not for 200 40km² was left safe out of the island's 100km²
years area
Started with a fissure as well as basaltic lava- Pyroclastic flow emitted 5 million m³ of material
highly viscous so slower eventually covering Plymouth in 5m of ash and
Explosive eruption in April- ash sent kilometres Remained active for 5 years after it had awoken
into the sky, carried across Europe by the gulf from being dormant but only minor eruptions
stream have occurred since
Ice melted on the glacier- large melt water which British government had to help as Monserrat was
cooled the lave incredibly quickly creating glass still a dependent territory
rich ash and increased explosive power
Impacts: Impacts:
Major flooding from melt water- nearly 1000 19 killed- due to the fact they wanted to stay and
evacuated watch over their crops
Roads were destroyed with even more bulldozed Airport and docking facilities were completed
to help ease the flood water's effect and find a destroyed leaving it hard to enter or exit the
route back to the sea island
Ash contaminated local drinking water- effected Houses and buildings were completed destroyed
the farmers around volcano- warned not to let down the northern flank of the volcano- main
livestock drink from streams- fluoride and ash mix flow of lava travelled in this direction
may cause in death
Major interruption with flights- £100 million per Southern part of the island made completely
day for airlines- nearly 50% of flights were left inhabitable
Effected Kenya's economy- export of flowers by Only hospital was destroyed too, leaving the
plane to keep fresh- 50,000 farmers temporarily population in a very vulnerable position if
unemployed anybody was injured
Response: Response:
Scientific observation meant the eruption could be British government set up exclusion zones,
predicted so people were evacuated nearby evacuated 7,000 to neighbouring islands and
redevelopment of the island
Texts sent to residents 30 minutes before the Permanent housing was rebuilt as well as
main eruption temporary shelters in the north- farmers were
set up here too
Impossible to prevent travel disruption due to gulf Air and sea traffic was re-established and the
stream but flight cancellation prevented deaths capital city was moved from Plymouth to Salem
from aircraft failure while redevelopment occurred
Monitoring Katla, nearby volcano, as every MVO- Montserrat Volcano Observatory set up
recorded eruption of Eyjafjallajokull has resulted in for long term response, and tourism industry had
one here to be recreated- tourists now come for the


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