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Monsoon Climate
Jim Cole…read more

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What is Monsoon Climate?
· The definition of a Monsoon Climate is "A
seasonal reversal of wind direction."…read more

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When do Monsoons occur?
· Monsoons occur in summer and winter, but
the heavy precipitation associated with
summer Monsoons occurs between the
months of May and October.…read more

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Where do Monsoons occur?
· Monsoons climates are
mainly found in coastal
regions of southern
Asia, due to its position
in relation to the Inter
tropical Convergence
Zone (ITCZ) as it shifts
throughout the year.…read more

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What weather do Monsoons cause?
· Summer Monsoons are associated with inland breezes. This
brings in moist air from the Bay of Bengal, and very heavy
precipitation results.
· Monsoon rain accounts for 80% of India's total rainfall. Shillong,
India, is one of the wettest places on Earth, and can receive up
to 10m of rain per year.
Rainfall (mm)…read more

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What weather do monsoons cause?
· Winter
Monsoons are
associated with
breezes. These
bring dry air
from the dry
desert regions
to the North,
such as the
Thar Desert.…read more

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Mr A Gibson


If there is anything you need to know about monsoons... then I'd be surprised if it wasn't in here! This is a great resource for the topic.

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