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About Monaco
Monaco is the second smallest
independent state in the world.
The country a constitutional monarchy,
is surrounded on three sides by
France and occupies just under 2
square kilometres of the Cote d'Azur
where the Alps Maritimes meet the
Monaco Cathedral
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Monaco in the
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Full name: Principality of Monaco
Population: 32,000 (via UN, 2006)
Area: 1.95 sq km (0.75 sq mile)
Language: French
Religion: Christianity
Life expectancy: 75 (men) 83 (women)
Main exports: Pharmaceuticals,
perfumes, clothing
The average growth rate is 0.48%…read more

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The fertility rate is 1.76 children
born per woman
The net Migration rate is 7.89
immigrants per 1000
Approximately 15% of the
population is under 15 years old
and approximately 23% is aged 65
or older.
It also has one of the highest
population densities in the world
at 16428 persons per sq
kilometre.…read more

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