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Monaco is a country that is not well known, but very beautiful. It
boarders France and Italy. It also boarders the Mediterranean
Sea and the French Alps. Second smallest country in the world,
after Vatican City. Monaco has a Mediterranean climate, dry
hot summers and mild winters. The average summers
temperature is 79F and the average winter temperature is 49F.
The temperature relay falls below freezing. There is about 30
inches of rain each year. It is a small country, but great
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The government of Monaco is Executive Branch-Prince Albert
a Constitutional Monarch.
The head of the country is
Prince Albert II. The
constitution says that the Minster of state- Jean Proust -
prince dose not have all Cabinet
the power. These people _______________________________
have almost as equal
power that the Prince, Government Council
which are: _______________________________
Prince Albert II
Communal Council- National
Council- crown council…read more

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Many languages are spoken in Monaco, but only four are well
known; French(official),
Monegasques(native), Italian, and English. French is known
by everyone that lives in Monaco. Monegasques is only
spoken by about 1/5th of the people. Monegasques is a
mixture of Italian and French. English is thought in primary
Italian- 16%
Other- 21%…read more

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The official religion of Monaco is Roman Catholic. Many people in Monaco
only attend Church once or twice a year. Roman Catholic instruction is
required through out elementary school because most children are
Roman Catholics. Many churches are responsibly for several primary
schools. There are two other religions that are common in Monaco;
Protestant, and Jewish. There are only about three Jewish and Protestant
temples in all of Monaco.
Roman Catholic 90%
Protestant 3%
Jewish 2%
Other 1%
Church in Monaco Ville…read more

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