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Momentum is a vector quantity, it's direction is the same as the direction of the velocity. It
is used in
vehicle safety,crash mats etc

Principle of conservation of motion
For a system of interacting objects the total momentum remains constant providing no external
forces act.

Changing momentum…

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Forcetime graphs
If we apply a resultant force to an object over a specific time period, we could show that a on a

we sometimes refer to this as impulse and give it the units of Ns. Impulse and are the same
thing, the units are equivalent.

1N= force…

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Can a rocket change momentum?
When the exhaust fumes are expelled from the rocket their momentum changes. For
momentum to change force must be applied as =Ft. According to newton's 3rd law
when the fumes are pushed away by the rocket the fumes must also push on the rocket.…


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