Moles, Formulas and Equations

Made with OCR in mind but should be applicable to other exam boards :)

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Zoë Levenson, OCR A Chemistry
Chemistry formulas
Calculating moles from:
Atom Economy and Percentage yield:

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Zoë Levenson, OCR A Chemistry
Neutralisation Reactions
Acid + Alkali Salt + Water
Acid + Base Salt + Water
Acid + Carbonate Salt + Carbon Dioxide + Water
Reactions with Metals
Metal + Oxygen Metal Oxide + Hydrogen
Acid + Metal Salt + Hydrogen
Acid + Metal Oxide Salt + Water
(Group 1 or 2) Metal + Water Metal Hydroxide + Hydrogen
Metal Oxide (O) + Water Metal Hydroxide (OH)
Rate of Reactions
Test for Gases
Hydrogen - To test for hydrogen a small sample…read more


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