Module 4 chemistry OCR summary

Hopefully I've written some quite consise notes that covers all the information you need to know for module 4 of UNIT 2 of AS Chemsitry for OCR. Really hope it helps! The information can be found in more detail in my powerpoint which is based on information provided by the OCR AS text book. Good luck everyone!

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Module 4 summary ­ chemistry

Greenhouse effect is the process which the absorption and subsequent emission of infrared
radiation by atmospheric gases warms the lower atmosphere and the earth's surface i.e.
bonds within the molecules of greenhouse gases absorb infrared radiation, causing the
molecules to vibrate, which subsequently emits infrared…

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radicals can then rapidly react with ozone molecules in the atmosphere, breaking down the
ozone into two O2 molecules:
o Initiation CFCl3 -> CFCl2. + Cl.
o Propagation 1 Cl. + O3 -> ClO. + O2
o Propagation 2 ClO. + O -> Cl. O2
o Overall O3 + O…

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o For decaffeinated coffee ­ removing the effects of the caffeine, without altering the
taste or being toxic
o For beer
o For dry cleaning without the use of toxic solvents, as supercritical CO2 also has
grease-dissolving properties that are needed in dry cleaning
o For toxic waste treatment, as…




There's a mistake! It says the ozone layer is made up of 3 Carbon atoms when it's actually 3 Oxygen atoms! Besides that this was quite helpful, Thanks  

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