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History Revision

Liberal Reforms
The main reasons for introducing the Liberal Reforms were.

Seebohm Rowntree published a book that studied published and concluded that in a country
where if you don't work you don't eat, the main three groups that were vulnerable to
poverty were- children, elderly, unemployed/sick.
David Lloyd…

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These other reforms were introduces later.

1906 - the Trades Disputes Act ruled that unions were not liable for damages because of
1906 - the Workers Compensation Act granted compensation for injury at work.
1907 - school medical inspections.
1908 - eight-hour day for miners.
1910 - half-day a…

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Why did Women Get the Vote?

The Suffragettes
At the time, the Suffragettes caused a lot of anger and it has been argued that they lost support for
the cause. Certainly, women had not been given the vote by 1914, even after a lot of Suffragette
violence. However, some historians…

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Not everyone welcomed conscription, 50 MP's objected it in parliament. Another group were called
conscientious objectors or `conchies', they opposed because of political or religious reasons and
were often sent to jail unless they had a valid reason.

The Defence of the Realm Act was passed in 1914, this…

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