Modern Sociological Theories - Marxism

This is a powerpoint presentation that contains a revision guide in the form of a comic of the Marxist sociological theory. It was made as an assignment and I would like to share it because it will help everyone doing Sociology, most especially at A2 level.

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Before we proceed, you must know
that Marxism is a conflict perspective
that strongly opposes Functionalism.
Basically, they have a negative
outlook of society because of
inequality, inequality, inequality!
i s the f
M a rx her o
Karl ding fa tive.
foun erspec
this ame
h as his
s e do
y el
Wh…read more

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Karl Marx constructed a `plan of History'
which is commonly known as Historical
Materialism. The main idea was to outline
the different stages of the economy and
how they changed from period to period.
Unfortunately, society didn't quite turn
out as Sir Marx planned. He was also
criticised because of this turnout.
However, his theories were not all wrong.
And some of his supporters have said
"give the man a break, he wrote centuries
I quite agree with them.
Well, ain't
that a shame?…read more

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Oh, do
give me
o Primitive Society
This was the classless society where what
was mine, was yours.
Mi casa, su casa.
o Feudalism
Well, ain't the clue in the name? The ever
generous people created a hierarchy and
Now, that's exactly shared property ­ mostly land. The Royal
what I said. Family gave what their egos would allow be continued! them because the more land you owned
meant the more power you held. It's like
shareholding, really. Once you sell 50% of
shares, you sort of lose ownership...get the
Well, the commoners realised this ominous
act and fought and so CHAOS led to a
This is all in my head, by the way.…read more

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Hello again, and welcome to the second
episode of The Marxist Model. The man
who gives his name to this documentary,
Karl Marx, continues with his vision of the
fate of society. Enjoy.
o Capitalism
Two words: bourgeoisie and proletariat. Myself and my associates disagree with
this. Founded upon false consciousness, the ruling class took control of the means
of production and got the working class to work for them. As if this wasn't good
enough, they formed relations of production by having the power to make all
decisions. These ideologies legitimise the power of the ruling class because the
proletariat aren't fully aware of the oppression they suffer. Only a revolution will
emerge in a socialist/communist society. Well, I hoped.
o Communism
Inequality I kind of hoped that the proletariat would figure out a way to break free from the
has reached
its height. It
false consciousness they have been lulled into and change their situation through a
is masked! workers' revolution. I believed that in the end, everyone will share. Back to the
primitive society really. Society didn't turn out this way. Well, whaddya say? Life is
like a box of chocolates, you never know what you're gonna get... Yes, I know
Forrest Gump. -_-…read more

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Marx's work has probably been criticised
more times than the unsociable actions of
celebrities. True story. Okay, maybe I exaggerated
a little. OKAY! A LOT!
The most obvious point of criticism is, of course,
the fact that Marx's vision that capitalism will
eventually crash has not come to pass. It is not
likely that it will seeing as capitalism has spread
across the world.
Capitalism changed after Marx's death. It changed in the sense
that there was a sudden appearance of health care, pension,
housing and welfare benefits. However, some might argue that
these things may have come about but could they be incentives
to ensure that the workers stay in their jobs? Ah, now that's one
DETERMINISM to think about.
IGNORAN…read more

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Marxism is criticised by a group of professionals
for its Structural Focus and Determinism
Marxism fails to see everyday life in any terms
other than "class conflict". Ethnicity and
gender are practically invisible.
Marxism is deterministic ­ it assumes
oppression is inevitable for the working
class except a revolution occurs. Nonsense.
It's rather ironic that they
strongly oppose Functionalists
seeing as they both take a
structural approach.
Exactly. I also visited Texas last summer. I
figured that the increased affluence of many
Western societies highlights a lack of conflict.
I wonder how Marx feels.…read more

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