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Modern Instrumental Methods…read more

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Why Use Them?
· Traditional methods of analysis can be slow
and require large samples of material.
· Modern methods are more accurate,
sensitive and require smaller amounts…read more

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Examples of Modern Methods
· Atomic absorption spectroscopy
· Infrared spectroscopy
· Ultraviolet spectroscopy
· These all use absorption of radiation…read more

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Examples of Modern Methods
· Gas/liquid chromatography (glc)
· High pressure liquid chromatography (hplc)
· These separate out the chemicals physically…read more

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Examples of Modern Methods
· Mass spectroscopy
· Can be used to identify elements or
compounds…read more

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Modern Methods are better
· Modern methods can not only identify what
is present but also how much is present
· BUT...
· The choice of method used depends on speed
and sensitivity required as well as cost of
course!!…read more


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