Modern and smart materials

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Modern and smart materials
Material Properties Uses
Polymorph Just as strong as other polymers One off mouldings
at room temperature but at 60 Testing ergonomics
degrees C it becomes soft and Vacuum forming moulds
mouldable, has the moulding
properties of plasticine
Thermo chromic Black when cool, temperature Thermometer strips
liquid crystals turns the ink translucent Battery test panels
Liquid crystal Organic Digital clocks
displays (LCD) Liquid and solid characteristics Mobile phones
When a cell containing a liquid Laptops
crystal has a voltage applied and Televisions
light falls on it, it appears to go
dark. Requires very little current.
Lightweight, thin, less energy is
Electronic paper Reflects like normal paper Electronic books
display Easier to read at an angle
Needs no power to maintain an
Transdermal Drug reservoir sandwiched Medicine
prescription drug between a nonpermeable back Slimming aids
patches and a permeable adhesive layer
which attaches to the skin so the
drug can leach out slowly into
the blood


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