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* See Glanzer & cunitz 1966
Evaluation of the model
Its simple and it can be tested.
Research evidence supports the idea that STM and LTM are qualitatively different types of memory.
We have all from time to time `rehearsed' information and it seems to make sense that rehearsed information is
more likely to be remembered.
Clive wearing, although he can't remember anything from STM he's still able to remember some things from LTM,
which suggests there must be separate areas of memory.
Glanzer and cunitz, their experiment on recalling words showed that the first words they are told could be
rehearsed and placed in the LTM and the last group could enter the LTM, however the words in the middle where
forgotten. Showing the existence of separate stores. (Primacy recency effect)
Real life memories are created in contexts rather different from laboratory based `free recall' experiments, so
perhaps this model doesn't fully explain the complexities of human memory.
Model suggests everything we remember must be rehearsed to enter our LTM, which isn't always the case.


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