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Models of
memory…read more

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Atskinson and shiffrins
Multistore model of
Sensory Short term Long term
Environmental input
memory memory memory
Decay Decay displacement
retrieval failure…read more

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Key points about the model.
Flows in a linear way
Distinct separate stores or
unitary stores
Each store has its own
characteristics for encoding,
capacity and duration.…read more

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Evaluation of the MSM
Influential model ­ paving the way for
subsequent models such as the working model
of memory, which has lead to greater
understanding of how our memory works.
Supporting evidence for separate stores ­ the
case of Clive Wearing, who was brain damaged
and severely impaired his short term memory
but his long term memory is not impacted.
HOWEVER it is too simplistic ­ it is very
simplified assuming that short term memory
and a single log term memory when we know it
is much more complex than this.…read more

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Working Memory model (WMM)
Central executive
Phonological loop spatial
al stores
LTM…read more

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What each component does.
Episodic buffer : Temporary store for CE, was
added in 2000, general store,limited capaity
Phonological loop : `inner voice', Slave system
for CE, Limited capacity
Phonological store : Words
Articulatory process : rehearsal process (audio)
Visuo spatial sketch pad : specialised for storing
and processing in visual or spacial form (E.g.
when counting the windows on your house.)
Central executive : key component, limited
capacity can only cope with one strand of
information, allocates data to sub/slave
systems.…read more

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