Models Of Leadership - Multi Dimensional Model

Revision notes on Models of Leadership - Multi-Dimensional Model. Suitable for A2 Physical education, Psychology module.

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Models of Leadership
Multidimensional model of sports leadership
Characters Affecting the Types of leader Consequences
leaders behaviour behaviour
Situational Characteristics Required Behaviour
Group Performance/
Leader Characteristics Actual Behaviour Group Satisfaction
Member Characteristics Preferred Behaviour
If all are congruent = Maximum Performance
Situational characteristics ­ Environmental conditions eg. Interactive or coactive
sports (mostly individual eg. Relay Race). Also the numbers of people involved
Leadership characteristics ­ Personality, Skill and experience of the leader.
Natural inclination to be Authoritarian/ Democratic/ Laissezfaire
Group member characteristics ­ Age, Gender, Motivation, Competence,
Required Behaviour ­ What needs to be done in the given situation
Actual Behaviour ­ What the leader chooses to do as the best cause of action
Preferred Behaviour ­ What the group wants the leader to do


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