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Evaluating the Models of Addiction

Biological Learning Cognitive
Determinism Deterministic- having the A1 variant of the Deterministic- (OC) being rewarded Deterministic- Theory of Planned
DRD2 gene means you are predisposed to means you will repeat the behaviour Behaviour- perception of
addiction × Not Deterministic- SLT accounts for costs/benefits determines

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Evaluating the Models of Addiction
abstinence have been found to be
less effective than for the addictive

Causal Cause- genes cannot be changed; Cause- presence of a person's unique Cause- (Theory of Planned
Explanation therefore, genetics must be a cause not learning experiences explain why Behaviour) planning to engage…

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Evaluating the Models of Addiction
environmental factors are not taken into taken into account-may not
account- may not provide full explanation. provide full explanation.
Not Reductionist- aspects such as
dopamine reward pathways do suggest a
role for learning within the biological
model, as for the behaviour to be
repeated we…




All the addictive behaviour notes are FAB! Very concise and in one area, making my own notes easier to make sense of - thank-you :) 

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