Model Response for Question 4

A Model Response for Question 4 of the English Language Paper.

A guideline to help you towards a perfect answer for question 4

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Question 4: A Model Response
The purpose of Text 1 is to inform Daily Echo readers about the achievements
of Holly Budge and impress them with information about her accomplishments.
Text 2 is a descriptive piece which tells readers about a significant event in the
life of the narrator: an Apache Indian. Readers will empathise with the narrator
and respond with sympathy to the awful event depicted in the extract.
Facts and statistics are used in Text 1 in order to stress the significance of
Holly's achievements. They serve an evidential purpose. Holly climbed "29,500
ft"; she has made "more than 2000 jumps"; she intends to "raise £30,000" for
charity. This information impresses readers as the numbers involved are large
and significant. These facts portray Holly as a brave and remarkable young
woman who has singlehandedly achieved great things. The figures suggest that
her feats are extraordinary.
The superlative "highest" is repeated throughout the article. Holly climbed
the world's "highest mountain" as well as achieving the "highest drop zone" by
a parachutist. The repetition of this word reinforces the idea that Holly's
exploits are unique and admirable.
The article uses complex vocabulary: a diction exclusive to Holly's profession
which the reader may not be familiar with. The article uses terms such as "high
altitude", "free fall" and "oxygen cylinder". These technical terms are not
common phrases, so they give further authenticity to the report.
Unlike Text 1, Text 2 uses figurative language in order to describe the setting
in the story and the narrator's relationship with it. In her first-person account,
Landman talks of how a tree "lowers itself to greet me" and refers to its "spirit
singing". This use of personification suggests that the narrator has a close,
deep relationship with her environment; it portrays her as at peace with her
surroundings. This contrasts sharply with the distressing events later in the
In contrast to Text 1, Text 2 uses a list in order to portray the Apache Indians
as admirable, multi skilled people who are in sync with their environment and
daily lives. As well as "tending the fire, stirring a cooking pot", a mother is
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Again, this harmonious
description makes later events seem even more shocking and heightens the
reader's sympathy.
Another difference between the texts is that Text 2 uses dramatic and
violent language in order to describe the horror of the attack at the end of
the extract. Phrases like "chill horror", "sudden fear" and "thunderous crack"
portray the fear and terror experienced by the Indians who are attacked.…read more


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