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vertical loop as
shown bellow...
u u
a b
Assume that there…read more

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a) The car approaches the loop
at speed u. Explain why the
speed v at C must be less than
u. is a greater
Gravitational Potential
than Kinetic Energy at
point C, therefore it's
speed will be less. The
energy can't be lost, its
just transformed from KE…read more

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b) Using the law of the
conservation of energy show that
u and v are related by the
We know the equation:
The car has travelled
t 2r
also, so we can re write
this as...…read more

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c) There is a minimum value of v
necessary for the car to reach C.
Unless u is greater or equal to the
car will fallthe equation!
off the track before
reaching C. Write down an
expression for the minimum value of
v.…read more

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d) For a loop of radius 20cm, find the
minimum height to which the end of
the track, beyond the left-hand side
of out the
the diagram, KE
must be to get
raised for
the car to complete the circle, when
round, as this
released from will
rest at the be
end the
of the
PE used at the start!
KE=PE…read more

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e) The boy playing with this toy
only has enough track to raise
the end 40cm above the floor.
Calculate the
the equation:
minimum speed at
which he must release the car if
it is to perform the stunt.…read more


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