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Define the actus reus of a crime (7 mins)

The actus reus is the physical and external part of a crime. It means the
guilty act. The actus reus must be a positive and voluntary act as
illustrated in the case of Hill vs Baxter. In…

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causation because the victim would not have died, if he hadn't used her
as a human shield.

Legal causation limits who is to blame using a "chain of causation", this
can be broken by an intervening act, which means that the defendant's
act was not a substantial and operating cause…

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victim. His malice was transferred from the person he pushed to the

Explain using cases, the meaning of strict liability (7 marks)

A strict liability offence is one which requires no mens rea, therefore
committing the actus reus is enough for the defendant to be convicted of
an offence.…


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