Mock Questions on Geography decision making 2011

Here are some mock questions Geography decision making 2011 that I have made up and their answers!! I have put them in to each section and included the marks-I hope this is useful for those taking the exam tomorrow!!please rate 5

feel free to ask me any questions

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Mock Questions
Section A Getting to know the region
Study figure 5 in the Resource book
1(b) Describe the differences in climate between (a) and (b). (2marks)
Figure 5a which displays the climate data for the region, according to the data the region has 1hour longer of
sunshine at 3.5average compared to western Scotland at 2.5average. There is around 1656mm less rainfall in
the region that in western Scotland, which has a total of 90 days per year more rainy days. The maximum
temperatures are the same however in July the regions maximum temperature is higher and lower in January.
Study page 7 and figure 6 in the Resource Booklet
*(c) Explain why living the region may be challenging (6marks)
Living in the region could potentially be very challenging because of the lack of transportation links shown
in figure 6. The region is isolated from many places, as the only place in the region that is accessible via
public transportation is Fraseburgh here there is a bus link which takes 1hour 30mins to get to Aberdeen
where they can travel to the main parts of Scotland. Moreover all of the driving hours are long and would be
potentially tiresome for tourists, for example from London to Fraseburgh it would approximately take
10hours and 30mins via car making living and accessing the region very hard. This would also make it
difficult for fishing/farming businesses in the region to expand and increase their income because of the
long distances of which produce would have to travel over to get to anywhere significant enough could
boost sales. Great measures would have to be taken in order to preserve food which may be too expensive
therefore not economically sustainable. The lack of transportation in the region could be a reason why
young people decide to move away from the region, as there is no easy transport links, and air travel is very
poor as stated on page 7. In 2009 Inverness airport served only 17 destinations this means have less of a
chance to go on holiday which may seem unattractive to the young people of today.
Study figure 7 on page 8
*(d) Explain why the pattern exists in the population structure of the region (4marks)
This pattern exists because there is a relatively high birth rate in the region however as you move up the
structure between the ages 2034 there is huge loss in the young generation. This could be because of the
lack of job opportunities in the region shown from pages 16 to 18 which show the limited employment in the
region, moreover the closing of the RAF base in Loissemouth means there is even less job opportunities

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Therefore about half if 18 yearold leavers move away to go to universities elsewhere in
Scotland. Moreover as shown on figure 14 the average income in the Northeast of Scotland is very low
therefore in order to live a better life young people may move away.…read more

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