Mock Questions on Geography decision making 2011

Here are some mock questions Geography decision making 2011 that I have made up and their answers!! I have put them in to each section and included the marks-I hope this is useful for those taking the exam tomorrow!!please rate 5

feel free to ask me any questions

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Mock Questions

Section A Getting to know the region

Study figure 5 in the Resource book

1(b) Describe the differences in climate between (a) and (b). (2marks)

Figure 5a which displays the climate data for the region, according to the data the region has 1hour longer of
sunshine at 3.5average…

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that demand skill. Therefore about half if 18 yearold leavers move away to go to universities elsewhere in
Scotland. Moreover as shown on figure 14 the average income in the Northeast of Scotland is very low
therefore in order to live a better life young people may move away. The…

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whisky industry that was once buzzing has fallen as people over 45 are tending to drink whisky which has
narrowed there target audience and therefore may be caused the sharp decline which could lead to further
loss of jobs.


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