Moby - Why does my heart feel so bad? Analysis

An analysis from the edexcel textbook, but detailing the most important things :) Hope you find it useful, good luck!

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Intro 1-8 Time signature is 4/4
0:00-0: Key is A major
19 Tempo is 98bpm
Starts with chord sequence 1
1 9-16 Verse 1 = 4x chord sequence 1
0:20-0: First vocal sample introduced with a simple piano accompaniment
Verse 2 17-24 Drum loop introduced
0:39- Sustained synth pad plays the bass
0:58 Similar pad does the call and response with vocals ­ high pitched
1 3 25-32 Synth bass part introduced
0:59-1: Strings synth pad fills out the texture
4 33-40 Same as part 3 but piano plays a different rhythm, decorating chords
1:18-1: with extra sus4 and sus2 chords
Choru A 41-48 Chord sequence changes to 2a
s 1:38-1: Key ambiguous - could be C major or A minor
57 Second vocal sample introduced
Texture similar to verse 1 part 4
B 49-56 Chord sequence is now 2b
1:58-2: Key is clearly C major
17 Texture is the same as the first part of the chorus
1 57-64 Similar as for verse 1 part 4
2:17-2: There is an echo effect on the vocal sample, but the echo has a
Verse 36 `telephone voice' EQ effect which makes it sound much thinner
2 2 65-72 As for verse 2 part 1
Break 73 A complete breakdown where all instruments drop out for a single
2:56-2: bar - all that can be heard are the dying repeats of the delay effect on
58 the EQed vocal echo, a quiet delay repeat of the snare (from the
drum loop) and the tailing off the reverb applied to other parts
A 78-81 Vocal sample 2 used with lots of reverb and delay making it sound
2:59-3: distant and blending it with the string pad playing the chords
18 Drums re-enter at bar 81, leading to part b.
B 82-89 As for part b of the first chorus
Choru 3:18-3: Note how reverb on the vocal sample has been reduced drastically
s 38 producing clearer vocals without changing the dynamics.
C 90-97 A repeat of part b ­ this is somewhat unexpected as we assume
3:38-3: there will be a verse next. It has the effect of letting us know the song
57 is coming to a close.

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