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Analysis of everything about Moby "Why Does My Heart Feel So Bad?" I made this last year for my gcse exams and found them really useful for the longer essay questions

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Moby ­ Why Does My Heart Feel So Bad?
The dynamics don't noticeably
change, but they do get
slightly louder as more parts
Dynamics are added in.
There is one bar towards the
end of the piece that is very
quiet, and only has one low
pedal point playing through it.
4/4 time signature
The rhythms are very similar
because the same samples are
Rhythm used.
The piano plays two different
samples, one of straight
chords, and one playing
rhythmic chords.
98 crotchet beats per min.
Fairly fast tempo throughout.
The album `Play' was released
in 1999
Moby used Cubase to
compose/make the song.
Moby is an electronica artist,
with ambient, hip-hop and
techno influences.
Intro: Bars 1 - 8 Break: Bar 73
Verse: Bars 9 - 40 Chorus: Bars 74 ­ 97
Chorus: Bars 41 ­ 48 Outro: Bars 98 ­ 105
Structure Verse 2: Bars 57 ­ 72
There are two main themes,
each is a sample from a gospel
choir ­ `Why does my
heart/soul feel so bad?' and
`These open doors'
These are the only melodies
used throughout, but they are
changed by adding electronic
effects, e.g. delay and reverb.

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Moby ­ Why Does My Heart Feel So Bad?
Moby uses samples in his
music, and digitally alters and
loops them etc.
Instruments He a synthesiser (playing
synthesized strings), sampler
and drum machine.
A sub bass and keyboard are
also used.
The texture is built up in blocks
of 8 ­ phrases are 8 bars long,
made from 2 4 bar samples
The texture builds up, and it
thickest in the middle, then the
parts start to drop out again.…read more


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