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Poster for AQA AS Level Biology on Mitosis.

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3.2.5 During the cell cycle, genetic information is copied and passed to genetically PROPHASE CYTOKINESIS
identical daughter cells.
--- Chromosomes shorten and -- Cytoplasm divides
During mitosis, the parent cell divides to produce two daughter cells, each thicken
-- Chromosomes uncoil, becoming distinct
containing an exact copy of the DNA of the parent cell. Mitosis increases the cell --- Centrioles move to opposite again
number in this way in growth and tissue repair. ends of the cell forming a spin-
--- In animal cells, a ring of actin filaments
dle across the cell between
Candidates should be able to name and explain the events occurring during each forms around the equator of a cell , and tight-
both poles
stage of mitosis. They should be able to recognise the stages from drawings and ens to cleave the cell in tow.
--- Nuclear envelope breaks
--- In plant cells vesicles move up to the
photographs. down
equator, line up, and fuse to form two mem-
branes called the cell plate. A new cell wall is
laid in between the membranes which fuses
Mitosis is the division of one cell to create two genetically iden-
with the original cell wall.
tical cells. Its function is mainly for growth and repair. There
METAPHASE -- 2 identical daughter cells are produced
are six phases of mitosis, Interphase, Prophase, Metaphase,
Anaphase, Telophase and Cytokinesis. The mnemonic Inno- --- Chromosomes' centromeres
attach to spindle fibres at the
cent Paper Men Are Too Cool can aid in remembrance of the-
se stages. A brief rundown of the stages is below:
G1 phase:
-- Spindle fibres contract pulling
--- Growth each chromosomes apart
--- New organelles made -- So one chromatid of each
chromosomes is pulled to each
Protein synthesis
pole of the spindle
S phase:
-- The spindle breaks down
Mitosis Cycle
-- DNA synthesis & replica-
G2 phase
--- Chromosomes unravel
--- Growth
--- Nuclear envelope reforms
--- More protein synthesis
around 2 groups of chromo-
--- Further organelles made somes
and organelle development.


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