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Cell Division
· Describe the stages of the cell cycle
· Identify and describe the key features of
· Explain the significance of mitosis…read more

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What's the point?
· The point of the cell cycle is to copy the original
(parent) cell to make a genetically identical copy
· Production of genetically identical cells needed
­ Asexual reproduction
­ Growth
­ Repair of tissues and organs
­ Replacement of old cells…read more

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Stages of Cell Division
· Length of time varies between cell type, species and availability
of nutrients
· Divided into stages-
­ Interphase ­ DNA Replication
­ Mitosis ­ Nuclear division and chromatids seperate
Divided into Prophase, Metaphase, Anaphase, Telophase
­ Cytokinesis ­ Cell cleavage
­ Growth Phase
· All daughter cells also need new cell organelles to be created…read more

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· DNA is replicated, new DNA is
· Chromosomes are not clearly seen
in the nucleus
· Nucleolus may be visible as a dark
· The cell may contain a pair of
centrioles…read more

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