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Mitochondria!…read more

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Is a membrane bound organelle. With an inner and outer
phospholipid membrane, these make up the envelope.
Is used to provide energy (ATP) into the cell, the energy is
used for :
Removing waste products,
To move the cell,
To Divide.…read more

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The Structure of a mitochondrion.…read more

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The Matrix.
The matrix is a semi rigid gel like
substance which contains proteins and
It fills the inner membrane.
Is where the link reaction and Krebs cycle
takes place.
It also contains mitochondrial DNA.…read more

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The Inner membrane
Is folded into cristae this gives the membrane a larger
Surface Area.
Has a different phospholipid composition, and is
impermeable to most ions.
Has embedded in it many electron carriers and ATP
The electron carriers are enzymes. Each is associated
with a cofactor.
The cofactor is a non protein. They are haem groups and
contain an Iron atom.…read more

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ATP Synthase
Are large and protrude into the matrix from the inner
They are also known as stalked particles.
These allow protons to pass through them.
structure-and-mechanism…read more


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