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a essay I wrote on the characters of lloyd Jones' novel 'mister pip' it got an A

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Bethany Rossiter 26/09/11
"Lovingly fleshed out with memorable characters, some almost worthy of Dickens
himself" How does Lloyd Jones create memorable characters?
Jones created two very different and memorable characters in his novel `Mister
Pip'; Mr Watts and Matilda; these are represented and created in many different
Firstly, Mr Watts or pop eye comes across as a very mysterious and depressed
character at first, but also seems to be very important in the eyes of the village
children. For example, "Pop eye wore the same white suit every day. His trousers
snagged on his bony knees." The words snagged and bony give a rather depressing
picture in the readers head and helps him to come across as a rather tragic person.
However the use of white connotes importance and certain imperialness among him.
This corresponds with the fact that he is the only white man on the island and in
the islanders point of view whites were seen as important and amazing people who
did things in a very different way to them. This clever use of imagery and
connotations helps Mr Watts to become a memorable character in `Mister Pip'.
Secondly, Mr Watts is often described in the first few chapters as rather large.
For example, "His large eyes in his large head" and later on "He seemed too large
for the room". This repetition of `large' over the first few chapters is important
as it creates an image of a man much bigger than everyone around him. This could
be because in Matilda's eyes he seems a very big man, she may admire him so is
exaggerating his appearance, as large does often connote power and importance. It
does, however, make him appear different to those around him. This use of
repetition helps the reader to remember Mr Watts' appearance and how he comes
across to other people in this novel.
Finally, Mr Watts has a small voice, which surprised Matilda when she first heard
it. "His voice was surprisingly small. He was a big man." Up until this point we
haven't heard Mr Watts speak, he has always been described through Matilda or
another character, so it is a surprise to Matilda and the reader that such a small
and almost vulnerable voice would come from such a large man. This reinforces the
mystery of Mr Watts that is slowly being revealed as we travel through the story.
We would expect a big voice to come from a big man, not the opposite, this
element of surprise is, therefore, a great tool to help Jones create memorable
Also, Matilda comes across as a very confident, outgoing person and she isn't
afraid to ask questions. For example, "I remember thinking to ask how old she
was". Matilda is the sort of person who wants answers and who wants to know
everything, therefore, she is very inquisitive. She doesn't hold back, even though

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Bethany Rossiter 26/09/11
what she is about to say could hurt the person she is speaking too. This helps her
to become a memorable character because of her extreme confidence and sense of
Furthermore, Matilda, like the other islanders don't know much about the world
outside Bougainville. For example, "Our ignorance of the outside world". She didn't
travel much and didn't know much about the outside world, most of what she knew
she had seen in her classroom at school or on film.…read more


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