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English Literature Unit 1
MISTER PIP…read more

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Migration of Characters
Religion and faith
Culture clash
Power of words/literature
Fiction and reality clash…read more

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-very insightful, inquisitive and intelligent
-trustworthy, determined, rebellious, not easily manipulated
-Narrow minded, sees everything from a simplistic and moral point of view,
protective, deceptive, anxious, ambitious and determined, can be selfish,
doesn't like being defeated, hates boastfulness, strong minded, shows self
sacrifice for her daughter.
Mr Watts
Source of escapism to children of the island, open minded and accepting,
mysterious, only white man in the island, respectful, honest…read more

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Dolores starts off liking Mr. Watts. This is shown in a subtle way. She begins to dislike him when she feels as if Mr.
Watts is a threat of her upbringing for Matilda. As she sees everything from a moral point, she thinks that Mr.
Watts is channelling Matilda into the wrong route of life. She feels as it she has to challenge this authority in
order to uphold the moral standards she believes is essential for the survival of her community.
Useful quotes
"My mum glanced over at Mr. Watts who laughed to show what a good sport he was"-page 38
This shows that Dolores' aim is failing by Mr. Watts not feeling evoked by her words. The contrast between them
creates the fiction which acts as a catalyst for the hate Dolores shows toward Mr. Watts.
"the same space came to exist between Mr Watts and my mum."- page 40
"And I knew I would have to choose between the two"- page 40
This shows that Matilda is being influenced by both Mr. Watts and her mother and because both of their teachings
are different she would have to choose what she wanted to believe in.
The book Great Expectation is also a source for the start of the conflict.
Mr. Watts remains passive throughout the conflict which makes him seem humble and polite. He challenges
Dolores in a more subtle way by telling her why he didn't believe in the devil.
Dolores feels as if he has a bad influence on the children so she has to step in to ensure the traditions of the island
are passed on or are being conducted in the island.…read more

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Quotes page
Dolores Mr. Watts
"Pop the offspring of a shining
"She only saw a white man. And white men
had stolen her husband and my father.
White men were to blame for the mine, and
the blockade"…read more


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