Mister Pip: Dolores key words and some analysis

Just a summary of what I've learnt about Dolores (:

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Mister Pip: Dolores
Indomitable: Impossible to subdue or defeat
Schadenfreude: pleasure derived from other peoples misfortunes
(Like an island)
Insular: Ignorant of or uninterested in cultures, ideas or people
outside ones experience
She does not understand Great Expectations and so wants nothing to
do with it. (pg 30)

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She acts childish when she feels guilty about stealing the book. (pg 114)
Religion (pg 136) drives her to the theft of the book
Matildas feeling of betrayal (pg 63)
Moral Guardian
Can't empathise with her but can understand that she is trying to uphold
the moral standard that she believes is necessary to maintain the islands
community. (pg 78)
`Sir. I saw your men chop up the white man. He was a good man.…read more


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