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David Hume says that a miracle would be R.F. Holland said that any coincidence that benefits a
lot of people and seems to have God behind it should
God interfering in the laws of nature. be called a miracle. Holland is an antirealist...that
Therefore, he argued miracles don't means there doesn't have to be a real God for people
happen. He says we should trust our to believe that miracles happen. In other words: if you
think God's behind it, then it becomes a miracle. An
experience of the world: in everyday life, example of a coincidencestyle miracle would be: if I
people do NOT walk on water or come was pushed in front of a car I could die. But if the
back from the dead. There is no way that driver swerved to avoid a cat a moment before,
thereby just avoiding me, Holland would say it could
God is performing miracles. be a miracle as the coincidence just seems too great.
Maurice Wiles says that God is a good, loving being. Richard Swinburne agrees with Hume on what
But if God chooses to act to save one person from makes a miracle but he believes that they DO
cancer, whilst ignoring the 300,000 people that died
happen. Swinburne says that God uses miracles
in the tsunami, then that is a cruel God. So Wiles
decides that God exists but acts in the world as a to communicate with humans e.g. to let us know
whole and does not interfere in the lives of he is watching, caring and acting to help us.
individuals. Wiles believes that miracles do not Swinburne says that the laws of nature are like
happen. If they did, it would mean God had decided rules that parents set. They can be broken if a
helping one person was more important than helping child pleads hard enough and the parent really
another person, which goes against the kind of God
that Christians should want to believe in! wants to help.

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The Bible is full of miracles. Look up these Bible passages: the
Keith Ward replies to Wiles by saying that raising of Lazarus (John 11:3244), the feeding of the 5000 (John
God will only act in some situations, not 6:815) and Jesus' resurrection (Matthew 28:110). All of these
involve the laws of science and nature being broken. Science tells
all of them.…read more

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It is wrong to
assume that some kind of `God' is responsible.…read more


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