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A miracle is:
An act of God helping us, saving us, keeping us from danger,
can prove God's existence or confirm beliefs (teacher's
When the impossible happens, or when something turns out a
lot better than anyone expected it to (my personal meaning)
An event that is contradictory to…

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Why can religious experiences
sometimes be doubted?
We now have scientific reasoning
Time can change historical
evidence or potentially destroy it
Is God even real to create these?

Why can religious experiences sometimes be true?
It's your own personal belief
Thousands of people can't be wrong about the same thing…

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To what extent can we create a hypothesis about the
verification of religious experience?/Is it possible for us to verify
the existence of religious experiences?
Depends on your own belief about religion and miracles
Sometimes we have to rely on secondary sources or our
own senses
Seeing is believing?

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enlightenment human action causes this because
they've been taught by a human and put the effort in
themselves. An example would be a wicked man turning
into a good man through the focus of the mind.

They believe in Buddha ­ a person who reached
enlightenment so he became the…

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be a miracle to me. Even though the person isn't healed, they
can live what's left of their life happily. I believe this is all in
action at the crusades led my Benny Hinn and Reinhard Bonke.
Some people may disagree with this statement because
they interpret a miracle differently.…

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somebody must have a reason or a
purpose behind it.

A wise man bases his beliefs on the
evidence he has therefore more
evidence = a stronger belief.
If something has been seen before in nature, then it
isn't a miracle. Miracles aren't a part of nature, so should

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Hume dismissed the claim of a miracles from any
country not considered educated or civilised. When Hume
was alive, this meant that only miracles in Europe (and not
all of Europe) would count! He believed people from other
countries know too little science to be able to judge events

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are wrong), no human being is perfect, we all make
mistakes, some big (murder) and some smaller (stealing
siblings belongings)

The categorical imperative is the idea and the feeling
that every human has a conscience and a sense of
wrong and right.




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