Miracles Argument

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"break the laws of nature"
purpose and meaning
Possible to ascribe religious significance to the event.
Applied to pretty much any amazing event which has occurred from an underdog team winning to so-called miracle cures, to amazing survival stories after earthquakes etc.
The Bible- relies on miracles, e.g. Jesus' birth, to reassert God and Jesus' goodness and authority over nature. Miracles in the Bible are
supposed to show believers what the kingdom of God will be like.
Evidence of God's (ooo) nature, and existence comforting
Thomas Aquinas: intrinsically wonderful event.
1. Done by God which nature could never do (eg. The sun taking its course in the sky)
2. Done by God and done by nature but not in this order (resurrection)
3. Done by God which can be done by nature but God does without the use of natural laws (e.g. instant curing of disease).
Richard Swinburne
1. Principle of Credulity: saw no problem with people's accounts of miracles or why people would lie.
2. Only natural that God would reveal himself through miracles
3. Timescale determines miracle e.g. someone being resurrected from death (Jesus)
Rudolph Bultmann
1. Demythologise miracles- strip away the fanciful stories and see the spiritual truths revealed beneath.
2. Anti-realism- not literally performed by God, symbolic for his message.
David Hume
1. Only stupid people (accounts from less educated countries, biblical miracles performed in front of barbaric humans)
2. Religious people naturally inclined to believe in such things
3. Many conflicting accounts of miracles
4. The balance of probability suggests that miracles do not take place
Maurice Wiles (Christian)
1. God who performed such trivial and arbitrary miracles was not worth worshiping. (`It seems strange that no miraculous event prevented

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Questioned why God created rules of nature just to break them
Peter Vardy
1. God faces 'hard moral questioning'.
2. A God who performs 'trivial' miracles such as making a statue cry does not deserve to be worshiped.
1. "everything in the universe can be explained by physical science'"
2. Richard Dawkins
RF Holland
1. 'Contingency miracle', nothing more than extraordinary coincidences. E.g.…read more


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